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Small Step for a Robot. Giant Leap for Robotics.

“We will be the first group of students to build a humanoid robot that goes to space and does what an astronaut and a rover can and can not do."

Our Vision

Our  Partners.

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 About  Us.

Welcome to Humanoid Robot Club Purdue (HRC)! We're a dynamic team of Purdue students revolutionizing space exploration with advanced humanoid robotics. Join our vibrant community of engineers and enthusiasts pushing the boundaries of tech and space!

Our Team

With diverse backgrounds and a shared enthusiasm for innovation, we're revolutionizing space exploration through advanced humanoid robotics.

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Why Us?

Join our club for an unparalleled journey into the world of humanoid robotics, where innovation knows no bounds!

Our Timeline

Our club operates on a dynamic timeline. With each project representing a body part of the robot, we strive for continuous innovation.


Humanoid robots are poised to redefine the landscape of space exploration, offering unmatched versatility and adaptability in extraterrestrial environments. With their human-like capabilities, they navigate complex terrain, manipulate tools, and interact with surroundings with remarkable agility. In space missions, they revolutionize tasks too hazardous or impractical for human astronauts or conventional rovers.



As we set our sights on the cosmos, we recognize the unparalleled opportunities space presents for technological advancement and scientific breakthroughs. Our focus on space exploration stems from a profound curiosity about the unknown and a desire to push the boundaries of human achievement. By venturing into space, we embark on a journey of exploration and discovery that transcends the confines of our planet. 


Lucy Flesch

Frederick L. Hovde Dean of the College of Science

“Your vision of sending a humanoid robot to space is remarkable. The depth of this project is inspiring, and I'm eagerly looking forward to witnessing its journey and impact.”

Our  Gallery.

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